Devised by the company from the story by Toby Mitchell

Current company

  • Billy
    Roberta Livingston
  • Mum/Rosie/Wolf
    Joanna Brown
  • Dad/Spike/Wolf
    Saul Bache
  • Company Stage Manager
    Tim Booth


  • Director
    Toby Mitchell
  • Dramaturg
    Olivia Jacobs 
  • Lighting Designer
    Will Evans
  • Designer
    Polly Sullivan
  • Puppet Designer
    Yvonne Stone
  • Music & Lyrics
    Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw for Jollygoodtunes
  • Additional Lyrics
    Olivia Jacobs
  • Choreographer
    Morag Cross
  • Costume Supervisor
    Martelle Hunt
  • Book Illustrator
    Anna Lewenhaupt

Previous Team Members

  • Billy
    Nathan Guy (original production), Gareth Farley, David Ahmad, Tom Gillies, Chris Sharp, Andrew Simeon, Daniel Naddafy, Jonathan Lum, Will Croft, Emilio Iannucci, Jake Addley, Danny Hendrix, Robert Penny
  • Mum/Rosie
    Clare McKenna (original production), Morag Cross, Anna Delchev, Lesley Cook, Sarah Calver, Louise Mai Newberry, Ruth Hutchinson, Amy Harris, Stephanie Lysé
  • Dad/Spike
    Tom Banks (original production), Kai Simmons, Ben Richardson, Ross Sutherland, Alastair Chisholm, Duncan McInnes, Glyn Williams, Steve McCourt
  • Associate directors
    Lora Davies, Tim Hibberd, Emily Howlett (integrated BSL version)