Two women and a man dressed at blue Smoos. They are in the middle of doing some exercise, bringing their right legs up, bent at the knee, and bringing their left arms up, bent at the elbow.


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Actor in Gruffalo's Child costume holding a stick and smiling

The Gruffalo’s Child

Ages 3+

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A colourful illustration of Elmer the patchwork elephant standing on his back legs with his trunk in the air

The Elmer Adventure

Age 3 +

World Premieres booking now. National tour spring 2025

An actor playing Grandfather Smed and an actress playing Grandmother Smoo sandwiched between two performers in 'Vums' costumes. These are aliens with long green arms and three eyes on the top of their heads. The Vums are hugging the Smed and the Smoo.

The Smeds and The Smoos

Ages 3+

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The Gruffalo towering over The mouse who is wearing a brown waistcoat and white shirt

The Gruffalo

Ages 3+

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The witch wearing a black hat and a red blouse holding a magic wand with a star on the end. The hat has a pink flower on and she has a yellow spotty bow in her hair. A dog puppet is on her left shoulder and a frog puppet is peeping over him. The green bird puppet is flying over her right shoulder, controlled by a puppeteer dressed in grey. An actress with blonde hair has her head popping out above the witch's hat.

Room on the Broom

Ages 3+

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Some other shows in our repertoire

Illustrated image with a real image of young white boy's face, with brown hair wearing an orange jumper, staring up at a sign post with three 'future' signs pointing right and one 'past' sign pointing left.

Future Perfect

Ages 6+

Actor in mouse costume cowering below an actor in Gruffalo costume who joyfully looks like they are about to eat the mouse.

The Gruffalo BSL+

Ages 3+

Silhouette of boy holding a rocket against a night sky.

Alfie White: Space Explorer

Ages 5+

Actor dressed as rabbit staring in awe next to Emily Brown

Emily Brown and the Thing

Ages 3+

Four Performers watching snow fall together

Wilde Creatures

Ages 5+

Laughing actor staring down on another actor who is glancing up and smiling wearing headphones with snail antenna

The Snail and the Whale

Ages 4+

Four performers in front of a red curtain with the shadow of a ghost behind them

The Canterville Ghost

Ages 12+

The Snow Dragon

Ages 3+