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Studio Share

Our Studio Share programme gave companies a week of free space in our studio to develop a new project. We offered bespoke advice sessions, creative feedback, and a sharing of their work.

Above photograph: Golden Toad Theatre – one of our Studio Share companies 

Studio Share Companies

Transit Productions

Lead Artist: Rebeka Dio

TRANSIT is a London-based queer multidisciplinary arts collective. Their practice explores an intersectional approach to work in order to challenge the pervasive structures of oppression. Through personal stories explored in movement, poetry, music and storytelling, TRANSIT performances aim to cultivate an environment where varying cultures and lived experiences can come together.

Project Developed: Places I Never Think About


Rachel Warr, Ajjaz Awad, Mercé Ribot

We have training in physical theatre, clown, puppetry, dance. This is the first time the three of us have worked together as a trio. We work in a way that is playful and collaborative, mixing visual language and spoken word. Rachel is a director and writer who sometimes performs. Ajjaz is a performer who sometimes writes and directs, and Mercé is a performer and devisor who sometimes directs.

Project developed: The Secret Life of Rizado and Other Unexpected Events 

Golden Toad

Lead artists: Jen Green and Caroline Wigmore

Golden Toad creates and stages imaginative, vibrant, musical theatre of the highest quality for children and families. We believe that musical theatre for children and families deserves the same development time and resources as musicals for adult audiences. We create exploratory interactive resources to enrich our productions, including but not limited to digital content, workshops, outdoor activities, written/visual resources and apps.

Project developed: an adaptation of Jan Pinborough’s book ‘Miss Moore Thought Otherwise’, which tells the story of the opinionated (and sometimes eccentric) Anne Moore, a trailblazer librarian in early 1900s New York. This interactive performances recreates the atmosphere of Miss Moore’s own Children’s Library and can play in studio theatres, libraries, schools and community venues. It is a one-hander, using music and puppetry, with a target audience of children aged 3-8 and their families.


Little Wanderer

Lead artists: Kaeridwyn Eftelya and Jen Quinn.

We are driven towards stories by and for women. We strive to delve deep into visceral work that grapples with the urgent dilemmas of our current paradigm. We seek to activate audiences as both witnesses to and participants in the unfolding story. We make new works of visually dynamic storytelling by using physical performance that is in equal conversation with design.

Project developed: ‘Rite of Kate’, based on the life of 19th century balladeer Kate Eddowes. “Just a prostitute” according to every Ripper tour, her true story is a rich and unexpected window into the life of a 19th century working class woman. The show will bring Kate and her story to light, linking the past and present, highlighting the cultural commodification of femicide as entertainment and the cognitive dissonance that results.


Lead artist: Jack Kelly

I am a Writer, Performer, Director and Animator. I trained at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris.
I create visual theatre that is tender and comic. I seek to marry the mundane and the fantastical and collaboration is at the heart of my practice.

Project developed: ‘Splat’ is a physical comedy about Art and Creativity for ages 3-7 and their parents/carers. Set in an artists’ studio, the show follows two aspiring artists who attempt to complete their masterpieces whilst antagonising each other in the process. They take a journey through the history of visual art experiencing the techniques of the great masters and movements before eventually realising that to achieve anything they must embrace their opposites and work together.



“We had an incredible time part of Tall Stories Studio Share programme. Without the opportunity, we would not have been able to work as efficently and with such joy. The team were incredibly helpful, the facilities had everything you could ask for and Tall Stories continues to show support to our company beyond the Studio Share.”

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