Cast and Crew

David Scotland


Meet David

Say My Name: DAY-vid SCOT-land

Originally from Stirling, David moved to London to study Dance and Theatre Performance at Bird College. Since graduating, David has performed in theatres in the West End, throughout the UK and abroad.

Theatre credits include: Ive Never Met Anyone Quite Like You Before (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023), The Tiger Who Came to Tea (UK and International Tour/West End), Sleeping Beauty (Guildford Fringe), Twist and Shout (UK Tour).

What have been your favourite projects to work on?

Recently, I got to perform a play that I wrote myself. There was a director and another actor too but I was also in charge of putting the play on. As an actor, I am now a lot more appreciative of all the hard work that goes into making a show happen.

What was your favourite childhood story?

The picture book I Went to the Zoo. I made my mum read it to me so many times that she can still recite it all off by heart 30 years later!

What sort of imaginary monster would you invent?

A monster that eats other monsters and every time they do, they get a little less like a monster themselves. That way by the time they’ve finished eating all the other monsters, they are no longer a monster either and we can all live happily in a monster-free world!

Elouise Warboys


Meet Elouise

Say My Name: eh-loh-weez war-boys

Elouise studied theatre at the University of Sussex and has performed in Fringe and Community Theatre since she was little (well, littler!). Last year she made her professional debut in the Olivier Award-nominated House with Chicken Legs (UK National Tour).

Theatre credits include: Jane in Jane Eyre (Tobacco Factory Theatres), Peggy in Lilies on The Land (The Harbour Theatre Company), Anita in West Side Story (The University of Sussex).

What have been your favourite projects to work on?

Anything that involves live music, movement and multi-rolling (and all at the same time). It’s a wonderful challenge to tell stories this way – to tickle imaginations, to always be on the move and to share the joy of performance in all of its forms.

What was your favourite childhood story?

I was Winnie-the-Pooh obsessed! Even now I find myself bouncing around like Tigger (but I’ve always been a Piglet at heart).

What’s your favourite food?

Anything made in my mum’s Filipino kitchen. I could eat Lumpiang Gulay (vegetable spring rolls) until my tummy bursts.

What sort of imaginary monster would you invent?

A giant pygmy goat with a bright yellow feather Mohican on its head and a fluffy ball of cotton candy for a body. It would trick you with its cuteness and then hit you with a supersonic sneeze.

Kemi Clarke

Fox, Owl & Snake

Meet Kemi

Say My Name: KEH-me cl-ark

Kemi is a Mancunian actor who trained at Rose Bruford College.

Theatre credits include: Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (UK Tour); Just So (Watermill Theatre); The Aliens (Ducdame Theatre); Tom’s Midnight Garden (Theatre by the Lake); Merboy (Campfire/Omnibus Theatre); Robin Hood (City Varieties Music Hall); Fame (Christmas Theater, Athens) Scouts! The Musical (Gigglemug/The Other Palace).

What have been your favourite projects to work on?

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical was an incredible time, getting to work on such wonderful music from such an iconic musician every day.

What was your favourite childhood story?

I loved the Beast Quest books – generally adventure and fantasy stories, and the idea of exploring and going into the unknown.

What’s your favourite food?

Anything spicy! I always have some kind of spice in my bag!

What sort of imaginary monster would you invent?

A monster made of fire and lava that lived deep inside volcanoes!


Cameron Baker-Stewart


Meet Cameron

Say My Name: KAM-ruhn  BAY-kuh STYOO-uht

Originally from Essex, Cameron studied at Rose Bruford College on the Actor Musician course.

Theatre credits include: 24 Italian Love Songs & Arias (Battersea Arts Centre), Seussical (The Greenwich Theatre), INSTITCHES Comedy Improv (The Vaults Festival & Camden Fringe)

What have been your favourite projects to work on?

I love working on my improv shows! I’m always surrounded by lovely people and I don’t think anything makes me laugh harder!

What was your favourite childhood story?

I loved the Mr Men books! I collected them all and I still have them, if a new one comes out and I see it, I’d probably still get it!

What’s your favourite food?

I’d never say no to a margarita pizza I’m not gonna lie!

What sort of imaginary monster would you invent?

One that’s small and fluffy and could sit on my shoulder, it wouldn’t do much, it would just be loving life.

Meg Stephens

Company Stage Manager

Meet Meg

Say My Name: Mm-egg STEE-vuns

Meg Stephens is a stage manager and theatre technician originally from Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia. She studied at the Queensland University of Technology (Bachelor of Fine Arts – Technical Production, Mandarin). Meg has focused her career on touring, site-specific work and festivals.

Theatre credits include: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt (UK/International Tour) Peaky Blinders: The Rise (London/Saudi Arabia), Nearer The Gods (Ensemble Theatre – Sydney season), Guess How Much I Love You (CDP Theatre Producers- Australian Tour), Carmen (Opera Australia – Australian Tour).

What have been your favourite projects to work on?

Traveling is one of my favourite things to do, so any project where I get to travel somewhere new is special. I also really love creating site-specific work, especially in an urban landscape!

What’s your favourite food?

Plain pasta with parmesan cheese is my ultimate comfort food.

Tallulah Harris

Company Stage Manager (West End)

Meet Tallulah

Say My Name: tah-loo-luh  ha-ris

Based in the northwest, Tallulah trained in Technical Theatre and Arts Management at St Mary’s University and Lancaster University. They enjoy working across a range of roles, primarily Stage Management and Wardrobe.

Theatre credits include: On The Beach (UK Tour), A Christmas Carol (The Dukes), Besharam [ShameLESS] (Kala Sangam), One of Them Ones (UK Tour), The Killer Question (UK Tour), Grimm Tales (The Dukes), Earthquakes in London (ALRA North), Cinderella (Shaw Theatre), Treasure Island (ALRA North), Pericles Prince of Tyre (Valtice Palace Theatre).

What have been your favourite projects to work on?

I love to work on rural and non-traditional touring projects. Bringing high-quality theatre into rural communities is incredibly joyful, and I enjoy the challenge of adapting to unusual situations and spaces.

What’s your favourite food?

Anything with pasta! Cheesy pasta, pesto pasta, lasagne. Bonus points if it’s a fun shape like shells or bowties.

What sort of imaginary monster would you invent?

I like growing flowers and vegetables, but they are always covered in little bugs. So I’d create a monster that would sneak around eating all the pesky little bugs off the flowers and plants in my garden so that they can grow big and beautiful.





Toby Mitchell


Meet Toby

Say My Name: TOE-bee MIT-shull

What have been your favourite projects to work on?
As a director, ‘The Smeds and The Smoos’, ‘The Snow Dragon’ and ‘The Snail and the Whale’; as a writer/performer, ‘Future Perfect’ (a show I performed with my then 10-year-old son).

What sort of planet would you like to visit?
I’d like to visit a planet which has polar ice caps made of salted caramel ice cream

Olivia Jacobs

Original Director

Meet Olivia
Say My Name: uh-LIV-ee-uh JAY-kuhbs
What do you like best about your job?

The people I get to work with. I’m lucky to be in a room with so many talented and creative people. It’s hard and physically demanding – but we laugh all the time and what could be better than that?!

What was your favourite story as a child?

I loved being read Mr Tickle by my dad. The anticipation of him tickling at the end was almost unbearable…

Why did you want to work in theatre?

I learn best through stories and am inspired by getting lost in a brilliant tale. To be part of making great stories come to life for a living is a real treat.




Isla Shaw


Meet Isla
Say My Name: I-la sh-or sounds like roar
What have been your favourite projects to work on?

I designed ‘Macbeth’ at Shakespeare’s Globe. It’s incredibly exciting to have 1600 people responding to work in that space! It’s raw and exciting!

What do you like best about your job?

I really enjoy how every day is different. From research and problem solving, to working creatively with the director, and being part of a team to create a show.

James Whiteside

Lighting Designer

Meet James
What have been your favourite projects to work on?

I’m very lucky to have worked on all sorts of projects, so it’s very hard to pick a favourite. But I did have a blast the first time I went to New York with Tall Stories!

What was your favourite story as a child?

My favourite story as a child was ‘The Wind in the Willows’, and it still is! One day I would like to light it on stage.

Martin Rodges

Costume Supervisor

Meet Martin
Say My Name: mah-tin rod-jez
What have been your favourite projects to work on?

One of my favourites was ‘Anything Goes’ at the Barbican, because it was the first proper theatre job I did after lockdown and so it felt like I was finally getting back to normal.

Why did you want to work in theatre?

I tried every single job in theatre and finally settled on costumes – I enjoy realising the designers’ drawings on stage. 2024 will mark 35 years of working in the costume industry.

Jon Fiber & Andy Shaw

Music & Lyrics

Meet Jon Fiber & Andy Shaw
What have been your favourite projects to work on?

We’ve enjoyed all of the shows we’ve worked on with Tall Stories but I think our favourite experience was working with actor-musicians, devising songs and music for ‘Wilde Creatures’ and ’The Canterville Ghost’.

What was your favourite story as a child?

Jon’s favourite story as a child was ‘Peter and the Wolf’ (although it terrified him!) and Andy’s was ‘The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse’.

Morag Cross


Meet Morag
What have been your favourite projects to work on?

Not to be cheesy, but ALL of the Tall Stories shows that I’ve done the movement for are the most fun and collaborative and satisfying to create.

What do you like best about your job?

Playing games and dancing and laughing until I’m exhausted!

Yvonne Stone

Puppet Designer

Meet Yvonne

What have been your favourite projects to work on?
‘Room on the Broom’ has been a big favourite of mine, ‘Oi Frog’ was huge fun, ‘Frankenstein’ was a brilliant challenge and I can’t forget ‘War Horse’ and ‘The Lion King’.

What would you take with you on a space adventure?
I think I would have to take a picture of all my family to remind me of home whilst journeying through space.

Author & Illustrator

Julia Donaldson


Meet Julia

Julia is the author of some of the world’s best-loved children’s books, including modern classics ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’, which together have sold over 17 million copies worldwide, and the hugely successful ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ adventures. Julia also writes fiction, including the ‘Princess Mirror-Belle’ books illustrated by Lydia Monks, as well as poems, plays and songs – and her brilliant live shows are always in demand. She was Children’s Laureate 2011-13 and has been honoured with a CBE for Services to Literature. Julia and her husband Malcolm divide their time between West Sussex and Edinburgh.

Axel Scheffler


Meet Axel

Axel is a star illustrator whose instantly recognisable, warm and witty illustrations have achieved worldwide acclaim and numerous awards. Axel is the illustrator of wonderful novelty, gift and poetry books for Macmillan, such as ‘Fish Dream of Trees’ (Two Hoots) and the bestselling ‘The Bedtime Bear’, ‘The Tickle Book’ and ‘Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes’ – and of course, he is the illustrator of some of the world’s best-loved picture books, including the modern classic ‘The Gruffalo’, with over 30 million books sold worldwide across the series. Axel’s artwork is exhibited internationally; he has illustrated for many charities, and designed the Royal Mail Christmas stamps in 2012. Born in Hamburg, Axel now lives with his family in London.



Director: Toby Mitchell
Original Director: Olivia Jacobs
Designer: Isla Shaw
Lighting Designer: James Whiteside

Choreographer: Morag Cross
Choreography by: Morag Cross, Luanna Priestman & Bex Allingham
Costume Supervisor: Martin Rodges
Music and Lyrics: Jon Fiber, Robin Price, Olivia Jacobs, Andy Shaw
Music Production: Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw for Shock Productions
UK Production Manager: Nick May
Marketing: Jane Morgan Associates

Adapted by the company from the picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (Macmillan Children’s Books)
The Gruffalo © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 1999 – Macmillan Children’s Books 

Previous team members


Sharon McArdle (original production), Claire Knight, Hilda Gardner, Alice Parsloe, Samantha Barron, Emma Manton, Michaela O’Connor, Becky Kitter, Abbey Norman, Karina Garnett, Sharon Thompson, Louise Mai Newberry, Caroline Garland, Naomi Said, Crystal Hegedis, Alex Tregear, Josie Cerise, Susanna Jennings, Luanna Priestman, Ellie Bell, Angela Laverick, Lauren Scott-Berry, Rebecca Newman, Mia Ward

The Gruffalo

Felix Hayes (original production), Scott Ironside, Ben Phillips, Colin Adrian, Derek Elroy, Nick Ash, Mark Peachey, James Gitsham, Duncan Foster, Ross Hugill, Alan Park, Tamlyn Henderson, Scott Armstrong, Tom Crook, Tim Hibberd, Owen Guerin, Aaron Millard, Steve McCourt, Elliot Rodriguez, Ashley Sean-Cook, Adam Jay-Price

The Predators

Tom Warwick (original production), Robert Evans, Michael Lambourne, Andrew Hoggarth, Gareth Farley, Sean Kempton, Alex Perkins, Austin Mitchel Hewitt, Joseph Carey, Jonathan Race, Alex Scott Fairley, Tim Stedman, Rob Copeland, Paul Lancaster, Napoleon Ryan, Stephen Anderson, David Garrud, Daniel Foxsmith, Will Towler, Tim Richey, Charlie Guest, Neil Jennings, Alastair Chisholm, Jake Addley, Katie Erich

Associate Choreographer

Bex Allingham


Paul Matania, Jeremy Randall, Alastair Chisholm, Emily Waters, Laura Goulden

Company Stage Manager

Benjamin Luke, Jules Millard, Charlie Hodsdon, Rachel Pryce, Emma Eldridge-Doyle, Cat Pewsey, Nicky Bathgate, Gemma Scott

Associate/assistant director

Luanna Priestman (associate), Sam Conway (associate), Emily Howlett (associate for BSL version), Joe Hancock (assistant)

Original design/construction

Zahra Premji, Katie Avis, Neil Gavin and Gus Houssein