Image of 2 women in cat and mouse costume

Cat And No Mouse

This show stars… Cat! And what a star she is. She can dance, make jokes, tell stories…

And what stories! There’s The Cat and The Mouse (where a cat outwits a mouse), The Cat and The Fox (where a cat defeats a fox) and maybe, if there’s time, The Mouse and The Sausage (which isn’t quite as good as it doesn’t have a cat in it).

This show has got everything – story-telling, music, comedy… Oh, all right. And a mouse.

A truly theatrical feast

Star Star Star Star Star
The List
Star Star Star Star

The vivid, seemingly improvised use of imagination will inspire future comics.



Director: Toby Mitchell
Creative Producer: Olivia Jacobs
Lighting Designer: Will Evans
Associate Lighting Designer: Mary Pop
Sound Consultants: Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw for Shock Productions
Scenic Construction: Kw Props
Publicity Illustrations: Anna Lewenhaupt

Previous team members


Becky Kitter


Sarah Thomas Lane