A girl looking through a magnify glass with a shocked face.

A dark and spooky whodunit…

Every day, Maud helps her parents make toys for other children

Every night, she hears strange noises, as if a monster is trying to get into the house. Maud needs help…

Out of the blue, help turns up – a mysterious girl who calls herself Detective Frieda. Will Frieda discover the truth behind Maud’s strange family?

Does a Monster live Next Door? premiered at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe and toured nationally in Spring 2008.

a mysterious whodunit that keeps you hooked to the last

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The List
2 girls sitting down
Star Star Star Star

A mysterious whodunit that keeps you hooked to the last

The List
Star Star Star Star

Simply yet cleverly written, the performers are totally believable and the audience followed every move



Director: Toby Mitchell
Creative Producer: Olivia Jacobs
Designer: Isla Shaw
Sound Desgin: John Fiber and Andy Shaw for shoc
Lighting Designer: Will Evans
Sceneic Construction: Kw Props
Costumier: Pip Hazell

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Lesley Cook


Caroline Garland, Charlotte Cooper